Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Facts You Should Know

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Facts You Should KnowChapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test

Another common Chapter 7 bankruptcy question we get from our South Jersey clients is, “What exactly is the means test?” When filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the means test is a comparison of your annual household income against the number of people residing in your home. If it is over a certain threshold, you will not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You may still qualify, however, for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have any questions about whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is better suited for you, or where you fall in the means test, please feel free to contact our office.

Wage Garnishments In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In our South Jersey office, we get a lot of questions from people who are actually having their wages garnished presently, and they want to know if Chapter 7 can help them. The answer is, yes, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you with your wage garnishment. We can actually stop that and, in some cases, recover the monies that have already been taken. If you have any questions about how Chapter 7 can help you or if Chapter 7 is right for you, please contact our office.

Life After A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When speaking with potential clients, the question comes up, “What’s my life going to be like after I’ve filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in South Jersey?” The answer is life does get better. There’s credit after bankruptcy, and there is life after bankruptcy. During this time, after all your debts are discharged, you will find it’s easier to make your monthly payments, as you don’t have these outstanding debts. You’ll be able to pay your utilities on time, your rent or mortgage on time. You’ll be able to keep your car. Your monthly bills and your monthly budget will be easier to manage. When you have your finances in order, life, in general, is better. If you have any questions about how we can help you or how bankruptcy can help you, or which bankruptcy is right for you, please contact our office.

Automatic Stays In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

I was speaking with a potential Chapter 7 bankruptcy client in my South Jersey office the other day, and they heard about this term called an automatic stay. They wanted to know what an automatic stay was. An automatic stay protects you from having your wages garnished, your bank account levied, or your home foreclosed on. It’s a bar that protects you legally from having the collectors trying to collect on the monies that you owe them. If you have any more questions about an automatic stay or how bankruptcy can help you, please contact our office.

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