How Often Can I File a Bankruptcy Action in New Jersey?

Our New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Andrew Carroll answers the common question: “How often can I file a bankruptcy action in New Jersey?”

You can file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy eight years after the filing of a previous Chapter 7 filing date and six years after the filing of a previous Chapter 13 action.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot be filed within two years of a previous Chapter 13 filing.  You might be able to benefit from filing a Chapter 13 action immediately after getting a discharge from a Chapter 7 action (known colloquially as a Chapter 20 action) even though you will not be able to get a discharge from the subsequent Chapter 13 filing.

As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Andrew Carroll can explain how these different options work together.  If you did not receive a discharge of debt in the earlier case, then you should be able to file another bankruptcy without restrictions, in most cases.

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