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After I file for bankruptcy, will I have the right to own property?

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In addition to the property that is exempt under New Jersey law, you will be able to come into possession of property after the filing.  However, if you receive income or property in the form of a life insurance payment, inheritance, or settlement, you may have to turn it over to pay creditors if the […]

Where to File Bankruptcy in New Jersey By County

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WHERE TO FILE – BY COUNTY As your bankruptcy lawyer, I will handle all of the aspects of your bankruptcy filing in New Jersey so that you can move on and get back to your normal daily activities. As my client, you can leave all of the time burdens and stress of the bankruptcy process […]

Does My Spouse Have to File for Bankruptcy if I File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

You may file for bankruptcy without your spouse.  However, you should remember that your spouse’s salary and wages will be included in determining your income and your spouse will remain liable for any debts that are owed by the two of you. As a New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer, I answer your debt relief questions over the […]

How Often Can I File a bankruptcy action in New Jersey?

You can file a Chapter 7 Bankrupty eight years after the filing of a previous Chapter 7 filing date and six years after the filing of a previous Chapter 13 action.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot be filed within two years of a previous Chapter 13 filing.  You might be able to benefit from filing […]

What is a Bankruptcy Action in New Jersey?

Bankruptcy is a legal action where a person who has incurred debts in an amount that he cannot pay, whether that is from the total accrual of debts during the course of every day events or the happening of an unexpected occurrence, can reorganize the debt or have it discharged without any further liability. Frequently, […]

The Top Four New Jersey Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Myths Dispelled

The term bankruptcy tends to evoke much opinion and emotion. Many Americans hold a bleak image of bankruptcy and those who declare it. For most, their belief in bankruptcy is clouded by numerous misconceptions concerning both the process and those who utilize it. We have all likely heard some of the following “facts” about bankruptcy, […]