New Jersey Bankruptcy Guide

New Jersey Bankruptcy Guide

The New Jersey Bankruptcy Guide was created by Andrew Carroll, PLLC to guide residents through bankruptcy to a brighter future and obtain maximum compensation for their claim. New Jersey Bankruptcy Guide What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? While bankruptcy is a very powerful tool, it should not be used casually. Bankruptcy was designed for financial emergencies. […]

Should I File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Are you facing debt and wondering, “Should I file for chapter 13 bankruptcy?” Read this article, then give our South Jersey attorney a call. A Chapter 13 action involves the filing of a comprehensive plan where you detail how you will satisfy at least some of your debts over a period of 36 to 60 […]

After I File for Bankruptcy, Will I Have the Right to Own Property?

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Are you facing debt and wondering, “After I file for bankruptcy, will I have the right to own property?” Read this blog, then give us a call. In addition to the property that is exempt under New Jersey law, you will be able to come into possession of property after the filing.  However, if you […]

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New Jersey

When is a Chapter 7 the right choice for me? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings, known as straight bankruptcy, may be the right option if you meet the income requirements.  This action basically wipes the slate clean, discharging most debts. In exchange for this fresh start, you give up ownership of all property that is not […]

Where to File Bankruptcy in New Jersey By County

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WHERE TO FILE – BY COUNTY As your bankruptcy lawyer, I will handle all of the aspects of your bankruptcy filing in New Jersey so that you can move on and get back to your normal daily activities. As my client, you can leave all of the time burdens and stress of the bankruptcy process […]

Does My Spouse Have to File for Bankruptcy if I File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

New Jersey bankruptcy attorney answers the common question, Does my spouse have to file for bankruptcy if I file for bankruptcy? You may file for bankruptcy without your spouse.  However, you should remember that your spouse’s salary and wages will be included in determining your income and your spouse will remain liable for any debts […]